Buffalo Harmony House Music Lessons

Aside from the quiet hum of passing cars, sidewalk conversations, and chirping birds, the liveliness of music habitually echoes between the walls of Buffalo Harmony House. In some of our deepest and most emotional times the human nature of singing and making music helps us remember moments of joy, sadness, and so many other important occasions.

Celebrate with a song!

The innkeeper is a classically trained vocalist who’s repertoire covers a range of styles such as jazz, American tin pan alley, opera, art songs, spirituals, musical theatre and more. She has over twenty years of experience in teaching, singing, and performing vocal music.   

Music services: Professional singing services are available for on-site as well as offsite events such as weddings, anniversary parties, funerals, singing telegrams etc. Please let us know in advance the music you would like to present for your occasion so it can be prepared accordingly. If guests so desire, special musical services may be available such as a music lesson, or a serenade with a song to rekindle memories of times past. 

Music lessons: Available on a prearranged basis, during your stay or on a more regular basis such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Voice, beginning piano, music theory, and basic skills on most instruments are available. Occasional coaching sessions for seasoned and professional musicians are also offered.

Rates: Since all services are considered unique based on each person, occasion, location, and amount of music used; rates must be discussed and then agreed upon with the innkeeper prior to appointments. Lessons and performances are not billed at the same rate. Prepayment for ongoing services such as monthly tuition versus an occasional lesson or coaching will discounted.